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Aug 25, 2011

The Show Notes

Drum Circle
Contest is still on
Dragon*Con Schedule
"South Side of the Sky"
Things People Love that Actually Suck

     - Pointlessly large foyers
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
     - Kamoha Website from Heather Van De Sande

     - Anjem Choudary from Mika Eloranta
A really great letter from...

Aug 19, 2011


The Show Notes

Musikfest Rain
Magazine Shoot Contest
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
     - Thomas Fortenberry from Lee from Topeka
     - Malalane Villagers from Erik Smith
Interesting Fauna

     - African Crested Rat from Derek Colanduno
Go see "Book of Mormon"
Ask George
     - Lyrics?...

Aug 11, 2011

The Show Notes

Thanks for the incredible support
It’s Musikfest!
A Samba Vegas Conundrum
Star Party Promo
Religious Moron of the Week
- Dalton Cornelius Jones from Mike Lush

     - Citrus County Tea Party Patriots from Mikhal Barkan
Vonnegut Banned… again
Things People Love That Actually Sucks

Aug 4, 2011

Geo and Andy, Sumo wrestlers, Soviet Union, 1988.

Photo from the Hrab archives.

The Show Notes


Andy Stories
- First Rush tape
     - Calls from the White House
     - Private detectives in the U.S.S.R.
     - The Nerco-9
     - Being appropriately creative
     - War stories…literally
     - Buying an...