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Apr 5, 2012

The Show Notes

Enormo-Thanks™ to Jennifer & Jeff
The House on the Rock. Holy Shit.
Thanks to Smashley
The garbage guy at the airport is OBVIOUSLY GOING TO KILL US.
Interesting Fauna
     - Angora Rabbit
Odds Must Be Crazy Moments
- Meeting A Bethlehem Expat
- Special guest walks in during Small Comfort
Religious Morons of the Week
     - Indonesian Anti Mini Skirt dudes from Gerry Leonor
     - Church Fake Kidnappers from Ilya Shwartz
     - Powerpoint Porn-Projecting Priest from EVERYONE
Going to a Wisconsin MOBIL at 1:00 am
Ask George
     - College for my son? from Mike
     - Who are Lenny & Jim? from James in Canberra
PFA gig
Show close


Mentioned in the Show

Thanks to:

Chicago Skeptics

Everyone that came to the HotR gig
Jennifer Newport
Jeff Wagg
Jamie Bernstein
Ashley Hamer
Katie Hovani
Melissa Kaercher

Thanks, also, to Melissa for the photos!

PFA, this Saturday, April 7th


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Ms. Info sez, "Thanks to everyone at the House on the Rock gig. Holla at my fellow Labbers, Melissa and Smashley! I so wish I could have been there."


eleven and a half years ago

"Powerpoint Porn-Projecting Priest" is now officially my favourite tongue-twister.

An Itchy Rash
eleven and a half years ago

After doing a little googling, it appears that 'clambake' is indeed Chicagoan for 'hotbox'. You apparently had not misheard at all, Geo.

eleven and a half years ago

Was glad I was able to make it to the show.

Out of curiosity, what's the music that's playing while Geo's describing the House on the Rock? It's so familiar but I can't put a name to it!

eleven and a half years ago

That House on the Rock description was awesome. I'm from Wisconsin and I've been there many times. It's hard to describe, so I'm going to clip that part of the show and keep it on hand for those times I need to try to explain it.

Greg B
eleven and a half years ago

That's not my gay porn, I was holding it for a friend.

No wait . . .

Wendy W
eleven and a half years ago

Gosh, Matt and Randy and I are famous, now! =) We just listened to the podcast, and Randy just went back into happy puppy mode. For that matter, so did Matt. ;) Glad to hear our meeting you was as memorable for you as it was for us!

As a side note... the House on the Rock is in Spring Green, WI, not Green Point. You may have heard references to nearby Mineral Point, though. :)

An Itchy Rash
eleven and a half years ago

So mad I couldn't manage to make it to the show, as it's probably my one chance to catch you locally here in WI.

Anyhow, as to the 'clambake', could the term have been 'hotboxing'? That's the phraseology I've always heard the activity associated with.

eleven and a half years ago

How I wish I could have been there. I'd have lost you an amusing and illustrative anecdote, but I'd have given you inside knowledge on how awesome cheese curds are.